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Ballet 1 is Full Refer to Mon. Ballet

Class description 
Ballet 1 Beginning Ballet 2 Intermediate Ballet 3 Advanced
Lyrical- embodies many different styles such as ballet, jazz, and modern
Acro-similar to gymnastics'  with more softer dance emphasis
Jazz- Faster pace movement performed to fun upbeat music
Technique- No recital dance for these classes. These classes are for dancers really wanting to improve. Implementing many different  styles of dance .
Stretch and Strength - No recital dance for this class. This class is only focusing on dancers flexibility, and working muscle groups to help dancers perform better.

I agree that I have read all rules and regulations stated on this website
I will abide by the  rules of dress, conduct, financial obligations, recitals, and behavior .
I agree to all terms and conditions.

Acro 1 full refer to mon 6:00