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Fall Registration

Please read the rules and regulations before signing up for classes.


I agree that I have read all rules and regulations stated on this website
I will abide by the  rules of dress, conduct, financial obligations, recitals, and behavior .
I agree to all terms and conditions.

Levels- Levels are based on years of training and ability level.Level 1 is for dancers starting out or having up to a few years of dance experience. Level 2 is for a bit more experienced dancers who are beg/ Intermediate level. Usually more than 3 years.Levels 3 and 4 are considered to have 4 or more years of experience. These classes are intermediate to advance levels.Beginning – This level is  for new dancers with 3 years of experience Intermediate- This level is for a bit more experienced dancers 3 to 5 yearsAdvanced- Dancers who have extensive training. More than 5 yearsIF THE DANCER IS AT THE WRONG LEVEL DANCER WILL BE MOVED BY THE INSTRUCTOR TO A PROPER CLASS THAT FITS DANCER'S NEEDS.

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